Pickleball is a relatively new game. Its expression continues to evolve. We’re fascinated by the way every player constructs a unique pickleball identify from a variety of background sports—and other passions. A lesson does not begin and end on the court. The lesson—the journey—never ends.

The combination of male and female coaches, each slightly different in age, different cultural backgrounds, different athletic backgrounds, different professional backgrounds—offering both a tournament and recreational lens—balancing fitness and mindset, dig deep into each member’s specific journey. We help some find confidence and camaraderie on the court, while showing more competitive members how to push beyond their limits. Some we guide to faraway courts they never imagined existed.

We’ve coached athletes from every sport. Hockey Hall of Famers, former Olympians, professional basketball players, 4th degree black belts, musicians, tap dancers, mountain climbers, surfers, golfers, teachers, nerds, CEOs, gardeners, nine-year-olds and 90-year-olds. Which is all to say, there is no single once-size-fits-all approach to pickleball. We have a unique lens to dig into each player’s technique, introduce them to established tactics and strategy, help them process the wider dialogue and, most importantly, find their place in the local pickleball culture, and beyond.

Some simply want to work on mechanics and strategy before a tournament. For others, we help put their lifelong journeys into context. The overarching conversation invariably becomes more valuable than any specific work we do on the court. 

At the end of the day, those who find their way to the Jericho Hill School are really attempting to build meaningful community.


Email: jerichohillpickleball@gmail.com