JHPS Design Studio

Currently taking pre-orders for the “51” edition.

At its core, the Jericho Hill Pickleball School is a manifesto for the chewed-up-spat-out-left-for-dead underdogs drawn to pickleball’s fringes. 

In the school’s daily dialogue, we seek to reinterpret pickleball orthodoxy. 

Deep down, we’re drawn to pickleball because we believe it can still become anything. That we can all become anything. In the meantime, we bring our baggage from other sports. Pickleball style remains derivative of tennis and golf—with vague notes of 1970s school gym strip. It’s cobbled together from leftovers.

The JHPS Design Studio was created to reinterpret pickleball culture and fashion. 

The Studio is a collaboration between the school’s weirdest pickleball minds and true underdogs of design. It’s an attempt to reimagine the tools and apparel of those who dedicate themselves to the craft of pickleball. 

Each season, the JHPS studio will explore the connective tissue between seemingly unrelated sports; the sweet spot where Billy Jean King ends and Ichiro Suzuki begins; where roller derby meets vinyasa flow; where burnt orange meets sky blue; where nostalgia meets modern identity in all its multitudes; the crucible where sport becomes art; where one season changes to the next, and where the dreamy early morning West Coast light begets a transcendent drill session.