Our winter theme is INNOVATION.

Pickleball is a relatively new game. Where innovation blossoms, controversy soon follows. What are the conditions that lead to innovation? Which innovations lead to entirely new tactics and systems? What merely becomes a passing fad? In a first-of-its-kind series of masterclasses, we’ll learn from those who have left historic marks on pickleball—and those now pushing the game in exciting new directions. Before each clinic, students will be sent a set of notes and videos to study. We’ll begin in the classroom with a spirited discussion about some of pickleball’s most controversial tactics and strategies, before putting theory into practice on the court with two different coaches. Players are encouraged to sign up with a partner.

Jan 8
“The Complicated Optics of Mixed Doubles”
High Level Mixed Doubles positioning has sparked heated debate in pickleball discussion forums around the world. Learn how modern mixed doubles REALLY works from one of the most experienced women in the history of Canadian pickleball. Are we witnessing the rise of an innovative system of positioning? Or the emergence of a pickleball patriarchy?

Feb 5
“The Erne and Other Forms of Pressure”
Now a hallmark of professional pickleball highlight reels, the Erne’s history is shrouded in controversy. Learn the game’s most dramatic shot, its curious history—and how to set up other unique attacks—from the two Seattle players who pioneered these tactics in the early 1990s.

March 5
“The Dark Art of Spin Serves”
Three years ago, an unconventional style of serving began to show up on pickleball courts around the world. Those who first mastered the “chainsaw” had a formidable advantage. In response, pickleball’s governing bodies scrambled to alter the rules of the game. Learn the dark art of “chainsaw” serves, “one-handed spin” serves—and the innovative serving styles that will come next—from a master of the craft. And more importantly, learn what to do when faced with these mysterious serves yourself.

April 2
“The Crude Early Days of Pickleball Statistics”
The analytics boom foretold by Moneyball has changed the way athletes train, how teams create strategy, and how fans consume sport. While pickleball is in the early days of such statistical analysis, learn how competitive players are using new categories of data to seek an edge. Which statistics are useful? How do we synthesize this data to gain little edges in our own style of play? How will these numbers transform the sport?

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